Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to..........ME!!!

I am the big 1-6 today!!!!!!



Liz said...

Did you get my email yesterday? I got the dates mixed up and thought yours was yesterday.

But I thought about you at various times during the day yesterday, so I hope that counts. I always say birthdays should last longer than 24 hours anyhow.

Love you!

Rebecca said...

Yes, Liz i got your e-mail. When did you leave conference?

Theresa said...

Hi, Becky, sorry this Happy Birthday wish is late. Yesterday, I was soooooo tired that I did a post on my blog and then went to bed. So, anyhow, Happy 16!!!!! I can't believe it, you make me feel soooooooooo old! I thought only my own kids could make that happen.