Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Plans and other stuff

This week has seemed very long already. It's only Wednesday and I am so ready for the week to be over. Partially because I have a field trip on Friday to the Naz for this FCCLA meeting and then we have lunch at the Naz Cafeteria, which is probably one of the best buffets ever and it is only about $5 for a meal. It's excellent. I have been there twice before. Last year for the FCCLA meeting (I'm a member and it's an annual meeting) and then once when I went to go see Wizard of Oz, when the school did it.

Speaking of that, notice the little countdown thing on this post. I cannot believe that there is that little time left before the play. It's gone by so fast. And I still have so much to learn. Next week is my last week of only having one practice. After that it is everyday for a week except for Friday, and 2 days then 3 performances after that! That's a little frightening.

We added the little kids to the Munchkinland number last week. Mrs.Bell picked 15 kids to be munchkins and 15 kids to be osians, all between 2nd and 8th grade. Our job? To train them. Yippee.

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