Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rest of The Day

Well, after my venting this morning, my day did continue. In Biology I, I got the highest grade in my class on my test, a 96 (and I didn't study), and in Spanish, we had a study hall. I felt so bad for Senora Jones today. She lost her son recently and she was having a really rough day and our class was being a bunch of jerks. I felt horrible. In World Studies, we are still talking about economies and stuff. In Geometry, I actually had a bad day. I never have a bad day in Geometry. Well, I got my quiz back and I got a 66%! I couldn't believe it. Did I have an aneurysm? What's the deal? I messed up a few of my formulas and got half of the questions wrong, but my extra credit saved me. Today was also the last day of the 9 weeks. I can't believe that school is already a quarter over. Wow. I did manage to maintain my 3.67 GPA. YAY!!

My mom is out of town for tonight and tomorrow which means that my dad is in charge of us kids. *laughs evil laugh* We ordered pizza and are watching movies. Good times.


Liz said...

Whoa - Senora Jones lost her son? was it Brian? We were in the same graduating class! Email me please

Theresa said...

Everyone has a bad Geometry day occasionally! At least you had the extra credit to help!!!