Thursday, November 01, 2007

One of those days....

Did you ever have one of those days where if anybody says or does anything, not even anything remotely annoying, you want to haul off and punch them, all while screaming, "Dear lord almighty, please DO shut up!"

It is not a fun feeling.

Yet that is me today. I wanted to deck several people before school today. I was sitting, reading my book, really, really tired and just in a bad mood, and of course, on this day, everyone needs to tell me something.

And so then, in Visual Basic, I felt like pulling my hair out because I couldn't find stuff in the dumb book.

Plus, shocker here, I'm SO COMPLETELY lost in Algebra.

I'm just having a really bad day. Really, really, really bad.


Liz said...

Go rake the yard or something otherwise channeling the anger :)

Theresa said...

Hmmmmm, I detect a definite need for chocolate, here, and maybe a walk down to Sips. Better get on the phone and call your coffee buddy!!