Friday, November 09, 2007

Weird Dream....

So, I'm in this forensics lab, and I'm apparently some version of an Abby. And then, Gibbs walks in.

Back up, for those of you who live sad lives in which NCIS is not involved (I pity you, by the way. Yes, Carolyn. I'm talking to you.) Gibbs kind of, sort of died on NCIS Tuesday. Which made me scream "NO WAY!!!" And go through the stages of grief. Mostly denial. And eating of ice cream. Here's the thing. I only watched the first 3 minutes (thanks to my mean, mean mommy) where DiNozzo (unsuccessfully) tried to resuscitate Gibbs.

Now, Dawn and I were in a discussion on the way to Fort Rapids last night over who would win in a fight between Gibbs and Jack Bauer. We at first said Jack Bauer, but then decided that Gibbs would outwit him and Ziva would probably come and blow up Jack Bauer. Sorry, 24 fans. I know I will get cyber-tomatoes thrown at me. Oh well. Gibbs is just that smart. And his head-slapping powers are unmatched.

Anyway, so Gibbs cannot die! Will not die! So, I call my friend, Brittany, who is just as obsessed with NCIS as I am and had seen up to the lack-o-resuscitation and nothing else and was also in mourning. I asked her to finish the episode for me due to my lack-0-internet and call me back. So me and Dawn pace and wait for the phone call to hear if Gibbs is among the living. And he was. I knew it.

So back to my dream.

I see Gibbs and go up and hug him (all Abby-style and stuff) and say, "Hey, Gibbs? Weren't you dead?"

"Finish the episode. Did you really think I would die in a submerged car? That's just not cool enough."

Well, duh. The guy survived a terrorist explosion.

I'm off to watch this episode now.


John "9 1/2" Lilley said...

Foolish young child... Jack Bauer would so pwn this Gibbs person. Just examine Jack's interrogation skills... he got Hellen Keller to talk for crying out loud! RIP Gibbs.

Carolyn said...

Hey! I never said that NCIS couldn't be a part of my life! I believe what I said was that it wouldn't do me any good to start watching it NOW b/c I'd have NO IDEA what was going on! I've only managed to catch an episode here & there and don't know what's what b/c it's not part of my regular TV viewing weekly routine. But I'm not above change. How far back do I need to go in past episodes to understand what's up NOW?! It will take me forever to catch up!

Deana said...

wow, Geeze thanks for calling me today! LOL its ok... My phone was pretty much dead all day anyway... I hung out with Gregs sister all night and then went to his house for a while to see his mom for a few minutes... lol Well Love you tons! ttyl Call me tomorrow!