Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Short, yet long week

I only have a 3 day week this week. I was sick on Monday and Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Friday, so Woohoo! it's sort of, kind of Thursday. Unfortunately, it seems like I actually have been in school 4 days already even though it's only been 1 1/2. Bleh.

Right now, I'm uploading my fact sheets on two protestant groups onto Gaggle, which will, before Monday, become papers. I'm doing the UPCI and Jehovah's Witnesses. That is a serious comparison. So, Gaggle has already taken 5 minutes and has only half uploaded one of my papers, so I'm just sitting here, being bored as snot. *yawn*

So, actually, yesterday wasn't all that bad. In comparative religion, I got to pretty much sit and have a Bible study with my friend who is a Catholic. She's doing her project on the UPCI, too, and didn't understand a whole lot of what she was reading on the website. So, I got my Bible out of my bookbag and sat down and explained the Oneness and how we don't believe in infant baptism and all that good stuff. She seemed pretty interested. We'll see how that turns out. Also, at lunch, my friend, who is a Christian, and her two atheist friends were in the lunchline debating. Clint, her one friend was talking about how God can't be real and the religion is the source of all of the world's problems. Nikki needed someone to back her up and asked me. So once again, we pulled out the Bibles (by the way, this was the scariest table I have EVER sat at in my life. Drug dealers/addicts galore and more language than in a Jerry Springer episode. Without the bleeps.) and talked to them. Clint wouldn't listen to a word we had to say, but by the end of the period, Izzy, who's known me since third grade, says,"You know. You guys know what you're talking about. I think some of this may make sense." Pray for that situation,too.

I'm singing at church tonight, which may be a disaster because my voice is still a little froggy from my cold. Not too bad, like, I can sing sometimes, but the frogs are close enough together for me to be concerned.

Also, we have mice in the walls of the English/Spanish classroom. I can hear them scurrying and squeaking and have for the past 2 weeks. Today this wasn't helped much by the fact that I watched last week's NCIS last night (which was creepy and about rats) and had nightmares about rats last night.


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