Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tests! So many tests! Also, Some other stuff...

I have not blogged and will not blog much over the next week or so because:

Monday- Had an anatomy quiz. Along with the rest of the class, I failed this.

Tuesday- Had a KAP discussion and an OPEN BOOK Algebra quiz. Do any of you doubt my algebraic inaptness? I got a 6/9 on the OPEN BOOK QUIZ!! Blech.

Wednesday- Spanish vocab quiz

Today- Retake the afore mentioned anatomy quiz in 8th period. Just took a computer programming test.

Tomorrow- Algebra test. Which I maybe will do well on. Had a study period today and inapt teacher explained stuff. Sort of. I need prayer. Also, a KAP quiz. I never do well on those. Essay tests are the only reason I have a B. Which is nothing to sneeze at, of course.

Saturday- Babysitting.

Sunday- I don't get to teach my class because of the Rowlands being at our church.

Next wednesday- Skeleton Test

Tuesday after that- Skeleton lab practical test.

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