Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Insomnia can be great

My mom and I stayed up last night and watched Scrubs on DVD until about 2:30 AM. After this I could not go to sleep. I don't know why. Maybe all the caffeine in the chocolate shake I had when we went to McD's with the Harry's last night. Or sugar. But I digress. I was bored so I had some boxes in my room and I began to pack up my bookshelves, so that's one less thing when we go to move. It's a frightening sight. I am a bookaholic. I have so many books that when they were on the shelves they were stacked double and I still had to store some. I don't even have 1 1/2 shelves full right now. It's frightening. My room looks so empty without them. I would take a before and after pic but I really don't feel like undoing the work of insomnia at the moment.


Theresa said...

When we were moving, I was forbidden to help pack books! I kept finding old friends, and of course, I had to stop and read for a few minutes. When you multiply a few minutes by the number of books we own, you can understand why Ross put his foot down!!!

Rebecca said...

Haha, I found some old yearbooks. That's what did it for me.