Saturday, June 24, 2006

The weekend is over!

Hey guys, just letting u know that next week I will not be blogging at all. Camp. For about the next 2 months I will only be writing on weekends. So anyway, finals for quizzing finished up today...standings are...

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Pataskala
  3. Lancaster

I was so proud of the MV quiz team!! They had such good attitudes today and did so well!! Allison got so many awards!! She got highest average score, 2nd runner-up for quizzer of the year, an award for finishing all of her memorization, and a participation. Rachelle and Janica also got memorization awards and participations. Aleigha got a participation. After the quiz, me and dad, the trionas, the hines', sis dolan and kyler, and bro and sis redmond and garret all went to TGI Friday's. Soooo good.
So, tomorrow is gonna be a sob fest. Can I get an amen on that? I'll be sure to get lot's of pics. I'm gonna go and practice my song one more time and then go to bed. TTYL!!

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