Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Day at MVHS

Because of the situation in Minerva, yesterday was my last day at MVHS. There were tears all around. It was depressing. Because of exams, I said good-bye to all of my friends at different times but yesterday was by far the worst. When I went upstairs to make sure my locker was totally cleaned out 3 of my friends were there. Aaron, Maggie, and Shayley were all up there. I had said good-bye to Maggie and Shayley, but Aaron is the one who really choked me up. I got a picture with him and he gave me a hug and said "Oh, I think I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna miss you." I about lost it. It was terrible. So here are the pics I took. (From Top to Bottom: Jessica Oosting, Anna Easterday, Jessica McQuigg, Maggie Schorr-Zollars, Me and Aaron Hanchey)

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