Friday, June 16, 2006

Random Thoughts (hey, my dad doesn't have a copyright on that!)

I hate thinking. Makes my brain hurt. *ouch* So my head has been hurting a lot for the past day or so. So, here's the deal. Me and a certain person used to be best friends. Then we made the biggest mistake friends can make. We dated. Twice. Yeah, that's the kiss of death. So after all this a bunch of crap happened and we, well specifically I, have made it a point not to speak, make eye contact, etc. Soooo, this person IM'd me yesterday and asked if we could be friends. I'm thinking about it. I really don't know what to think where this person is concerned. I never know if he's sincere or not. I mean, yeah, I forgive him for all the stuff, but just because you forgive someone does not mean that you have to be friends with them again. So I don't know. This came at a very bad time too. I have a billion other things to worry about without this little thing. So just pray for me. This is a way tougher thing than it seems.


Jewel said...

Well, dear Becky, you take it one step at a time and just be friends, with no other expectations. Believe it or not, old boyfriends CAN become good friends. *smile*

desiree said... They always want to be more than friends again. They think they can let go of the sexiness but if they like you as a person they can't help wanting more. If he is unique in some way that really gets to you go with it but be prepared to fend him off. I hate advice and I probably don't know anything about boys anyway. So I feel like a fool telling you this. Also I don't know you at all. And this is an old post so you have already decided, I'm sure. But whatever.