Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Road Trip

Today was me and my dad's first road trip of the summer. He's a case manager so he travels all over the state to take care of claims for people with special needs and manages Workers Comp. claims too. He has his own business- RMG Partners (Rebecca Michael Gabrielle), which I designed the logo for. It's awesome. Anyway, during the summer, when I'm not at camp or away or whatever, I go with him. Today was OSU Orthopedic Center. It was really cool. OSU Ortho takes care of OSU athletes so there were jerseys hanging everywhere. It was cool. When we were driving up we stopped at McD's and got breakfast. I had cappucinno and Dad got normal coffee. Well, he went over a curve real fast and the coffee spilled on my skirt. It was HOT coffee, too! Ouch! And I have 2 big splotches on my skirt now. I hope they wash out. So anyway, after the appointment, we drove around OSU, and he showed me where he stayed when he went there, and we went around the horseshoe and all that. We toured the Greek life (East 15th is also known as Frat row). Then we drove around the city. I am fascinated with any city life so that was fun. So anywhoooo... as we were driving back we got stuck in a traffic jam. Oh, fun. Well, after a while Dad goes "Do you see anything, yet?" Well, I could see a crane. Not good. That was an understatement. There had been an accident involving a travel trailer and a semi. We saw bits of tail light and headlight on the ground and at first thought it was a small car and thought "Oh boy, there's a fatality there." We saw the semi's grill and front were all smashed and a wreck (no pun intended). So we drove along some more to survey the damage, and we saw the trailer that had gotten hit.The backend of it was completely smashed in. It was so mangled that it looked like it was made of cardboard. I don't think anyone was hurt. There were two older people next to it on cell phones and looking at the back, so I think it was theirs. Tonight is VBS. I'll try to take some pics. TTYL!
P.S. I got a photobucket account- http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j288/i_like_leodicap/

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Theresa said...

Ah, yes, driving in Columbus! What fond memories, not!!! I'm glad you and your Dad got to spend some quality time together, but I'd sure pick somewhere besides Columbus freeways to do it!!!