Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last Day....

Today is my last real day as a sophomore in high school. I have 3 exams on Friday, but I have tomorrow off, and I'm turning in the rest of my books today. It's awesome. Gottke is making us take a quiz on Africa today, and Steen is giving us a test, and Smith is making us do a review Excel sheet for Comp Apps. I'm watching Princess Bride first period, nothing in gym (probably will go up to the library), and nothing in Geometry.

It's funny, this time last year I was saying good-bye to my friends because I really thought I would never see them again because we were moving up North. This year really has been hectic.

And now a hilarious movie. Some of the guys in my English class put together a parody of Lord of the Flies for the end-of-year project. In case you can't tell, Ralph is JD from Scrubs, Jack is Anakin Skywalker from...well, if you don't know what he's from, you're just sad, and Simon is McFly from Back to the Future (which I have never seen). So, enjoy.

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