Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This is a phrase that I have said so many times the past couple of days. Here's a journey of the insanity of my life. These are some things that really did get me thinking "What the muffin?"

Yesterday, my friend Maggie came up to me and said, "Rebecca, you're my future doctor friend. Is my nose infected?" First off, just the question 'Is my nose infected?' is enough to get you going 'what?'. Maggie knows that I no longer want to be a doctor, but she also likes to torment me because of my love of diagnosing my friends through middle and elementary school. So I digress. I looked at her nose and, sure enough, the right nostril was swollen. "What did you do, woman?"

"Oh, I was bored so I pierced my own nose."
"Seriously, Magz? Your nose? Seriously? Go see a doctor. And find a hobby."

I was on EC last night, which I love, and before I signed off I saw that my inbox had a 1 next to it. I've been getting e-mails interrogating me as to why I didn't accept links to people. So, was thoroughly expecting the same thing. What I did not expect was an e-mail from MX. This alone was enough to make me go, "Seriously?" Then I read it. It went on to say that he had just been looking through my site to make me mad and how he wasn't trying to pick a fight and was sorry that I didn't want to talk to him but wanted to be friends again. He wants me to e-mail him back.

Oh. No. He. Did. Not.

After recieving this e-mail I immediately pressed reply, but then realizing that I was shaking with anger and I was gritting my teeth, I did something which I am very proud of. I deleted my heated e-mail which I had written in a fit of anger and frustration in a grand act of self control. I was proud of myself. I still will reply eventually, I just haven't figured out how to be nice about it yet.


Liz said...

GIRL! You rock! I am proud of you. You stand your ground. you don't need him to be happy.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for your nose to scream? Eeek! Piercing your own nose? OK, so I pierced my own ears like 8 times....but.....

Oh, and TAG, you're it.

Don't hate me. I can't help myself...

PS: WTG with the email!