Monday, April 10, 2006

Do-nothing period

I'm in science right now, as loose as that term may be. We're in the computer lab and the program that we're supposed to be working on is zapped on all but 3 computers. So obviously 20 something kids can't revel in the fascinating subject that is plate tectonics on 3 computers. So we are delighting in the "forbidden fruits" instead. Such as e-mail, which is usually a no-no in subject labs. But some days, like today, we can!! YAY!! Ode to the free period. LOL. In the meantime, because YouTube is blocked, a funny picture.

P.S. Those of you who LOOOOOOOVE when celebs give their kids terrible names, enjoy this. Gwyneth Paltrow who already should have lost her naming rights by naming her first child after a rosy red fruit (Apple), has just name her other son Moses. I have nothing against the name Moses, but I mean come on!!! Moses Martin? That's just bad. Apple and Moses. That goes right up there with the rocker who named his daughter Moon Unit (my friend, Shayley, just told me that)


Theresa said...

Why limit yourself to just celebs?? I know a person whose last name used to be Noon. Her son was named Sonny After Noon! No joke!!

Jewel said...

Hey! There was a lady that came into the library. We always had to make sure they were using their own card and hers said "Briggs" on it, so I asked if it was her card and she said, "Oh yes, my dad was a real jokester! My maiden name was Stratton, so dad named me Briggs Ann Stratton!!" True story!! LOL I loved yours, Sis. Theresa!! And yes, Becky, Gwynneth is kinda goofy when it comes to names. Sheesh! Poor kids!