Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stupid Stories a la Mistie

I have a fourth cousin who goes to our church who I am probably closer to than any of my other cousins. Well, because of traveling and all, I hadn't seen her in 2 or 3 weeks and I saw her at church tonight. Well, we were talking and stuff and discussing my vacation. She asked what I did and I said I went shopping and out to eat and watched movies. So we discussed what movies I watched and then we were talking about Titanic. When I mentioned this movie she busts out laughing. I ask "What's so funny?" So she goes, "Ok, you remember the part where Leo dies and they zoom in on his face?"(Of course I do. I was travailing BOTH times that I watched this.)
"Yeah....why is that funny?"
"Well, I went to go see it when it was in theaters and when I went the auditorium was packed. I went with about 3 or 4 of my friends and at this point, the whole "never let go" and such scene, and they are all bawling," (I was too, so what?)" and the entire auditorium is full of weeping girls. And you know what? I think I am the only one who did this. But I cracked up!"
"MISTIE!!! You laughed at that? That's so sad!!"
"I just couldn't cry."
"Why not?"
"Well, he's clinging to the board, he's blue, and he has all of those icicles on his face, right? Well, all I could think was..."(Brace yourself for this. It made me about die!)"Oh my lord, he looks like a smurf with boogers!"

Well, after this I about died laughing. I had to quickly get control of myself because church was starting (not an easy task by the way) but whenever I would look over, she would put her hands up like she was holding onto the board, stick her tongue out and roll her eyes in the back of her head. Hahaha. So when I left for Sr.Youth class she whispers "Just remember,Becky, smurf boogers" I was dying. I love my cousin!Another story she told me had something to do with "While we were shaving my friends dog" and that's all I remember because I was laughing so hard. There was also a story somewhere in there about some girl who was putting eyedrops in her eyes and ended up putting superglue in. I have no idea. Well, I have to go now.


Jewel said...

A blue frozen smurf? That's not funny! You guys are sickos!!! LOL
This was a tragic scene!!! (Kinda of like the horse falling over dead in GWTW! LOL) But I had an excuse! (Becky knows what it was!)

Rebecca said...

lol. I don't think the scene is funny. Mistie just said it so expressively that i had to laugh. Leo dying will always be a tragedy for me.

Jewel said...

You are so melodramatic, my dear!!! LOL You should be an actress!!

Rebecca said...

Does that mean I get to meet Leo? If it does I'm all for it!! LOL

rachel said...

ha ha thats funny becky very funny