Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Elphie!!!

This is my baby/hamster, Elphaba, also known in our household as Elphie. This is also my background image on my computer account. I took this picture last night. The reason I had a camera in my pigsty of a room was because Elphie was proving that she is not the brightest rodent to grace the planet. She was trying to climb on top of her wheel and so she had her paws on the outside and pushed the wheel down. Well, she is not a very fast learner and kept spinning the wheel with her front paws for about 5 minutes. lol. Of course when I came in with the camera she quit. Arrrgggh. Well, anywhooooo...This is my only begotten hamster (unless u count her late sister) in whom I am well pleased, although she isn't that bright and hisses at me whenever I pick her up. lol

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