Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, I have two Rachel's at my house right now. Rachel Hezakiah and my next door neighbor are both over. We have already pigged out. We have eaten pizza, cheesesticks, and some brownies along with almost 2 liters of Dr.Pepper. We're watching the Friends Series Finale and then we are watching Titanic!! WOOHOO!! We are saving the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream for later. Because:
  1. We are all stuffed.
  2. I need comfort food while watching the Blue Smurf Boogers scene.

So, anyway, in gym today I made a TOUCHDOWN!!! Woot! That's a miracle, because I am in no way athletically gifted or average. Haha. And I went to see Rachel's kittens today. They are soo cute!! Well, anyway, I am going now so I can watch the best movie on earth! BYE!! (or as me and Mistie say good-bye- "NEVER LET GO!!!")

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