Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Broadway Show, High Standards, and some other stuff

"Give My Regards To Broadway".

It's no Spamalot, but it'll do.

On the other hand, I am thinking of pushing myself to do well on the SAT and ACT. If I get a certain score, I will semi-reward myself by applying at MIT. Yes. The MIT. They don't look at GPA as much as they look at testing (Glory, glory, Hallelooooooooyah!) so if I meet my goal, I will apply there. Just for kicks. And the off chance that I might possibly get in. Of course, that chance is teeny tiny. But I'll take it. Only if I meet my goal though.

I am helping Carolyn with the Mini-Mimes for Singsperation this year! YAY!! I just got an e-mail from her at about 1ish and she asked me to, and I said that I would. We have practice tonight.

My solo for HOP's song for Singsperation is coming along ok, I guess. I have a speaking part in the song (well, I'm signing to someone talking) which means that it's a little faster than I'm used to, because people tend to talk faster than they sing unfortunately. I'll have it down by then though.

Tampa next week. So excited! Will have TV access for Grey's Anatomy AND NCIS season premieres! YES!!!


JAM said...

Best wishes on the testing/MIT thing. The worst they can do is to say no. Seriously, go for it.

Carolyn said...

Yeah for Grey's Anatomy and NCIS...and yeah cable TV to be able to watch it. LOL! :-) (Oh sure...NOW the commenty thing works,haha!)