Sunday, September 09, 2007

Comment Drought

I feel that you don't love anymore. I have to pull teeth to get comments from you. You'd think after 2 years of blogging I would have generated some interest. But no.

Soooo....My life is boring right now. I talked to my friend at Denison University (Rachel) today. Apparently she is shocked how much of a party school is it. Go figure. I was surprised too. That school is expensive. And hard to get into. Hmmmm....

Speaking of college, I'm looking at some. 3 in DC (yes, as in Washington) and 3 or 4 here. And I'm looking at apartments (online) in DC. Just in case. But who knows. We'll have to see.

That's just about all there is to speak of right now.

Because you guys don't love me.


Liz said...

oh yes, whining for comments works every time.


Jewel said...

Okay, let me explain. You see, I have dial-up at home and there isn't a thing I can do about it, okay? Sooooo, when I come to your blog, my computer freezes up...everytime! Just your blog does this and I don't know why and I hate it, BUT I am at the library now so I can come check out your blog AND leave a comment or two. Hey, I could start emailing you my comments and then you could copy and paste them here for me! LOL That might be a bit of a stretch. But it IS an idea! ((HUGS)) I love you, Becky!!

The Muffin said...

Mozilla Firefox for some reason is the only web browser that my blog doesn't temporarily freeze up on.

I don't know why.

JAM said...

Sorry for being so late with the comment on your "I need comments" post, but, well, I'm just now getting back into the groove after zero to light blogging of late.

During this time I learned that the only way I get comments is if I crazily bounce about the blog world (I hate the term blogosphere and refuse to use it) and comment.

Then magically, some of those people comment on my stuff.

I thought they should just magically comment on my stuff just because it's there, but that doesn't seem to work for me.

I never had a lot of self esteem to start with, so that's been a hard lesson for me.