Saturday, September 22, 2007

Notes from Today

  1. Mom sitting next to me at soccer game- if your child is going to scream and yell and kick and make a scene, lock him in a cage and please, oh PLEASE do not bring him. If you must bring him, do not sit next to me. Please. I beg you.
  2. Woman at Starbucks. Yes, I am aware that my brother asked for a Java Chip Frappucinno with Mint just like mine. Yes, I know that this has coffee in it. Yes, he's allowed having coffee. He drinks coffee at home. Black, I may add. I'm giving you your $10 for coffee, now please give it to him.
  3. FCCLA District President. I was at the meeting. I don't need the minutes. I had no say in the decisions anyway and you've already sent me the minutes three times. Enough!
  4. I have not yet graduated from Nursing School as I indicated when applying for your scholarship. I don't care about Nursing oppurtunities in Knox County. If I ever do get a nursing degree, I most certainly will not be living in Ohio. I unsubscribed from you once. Why are you still contacting me?
  5. Howard University. You are my target school. Why are you the only one I haven't heard from yet?
  6. University of DC. You told me 3 weeks ago that I would be contacted within the week after you transferred my request to admissions. Still waiting.

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