Wednesday, September 05, 2007

*prays he doesn't read this*

SNB asked what was so special about this guy (9YG).

I don't know exactly what the ONE thing is that makes me turn to goo, honestly. But whatever it is, it's been there since I was 7, yes, 7. We were friends until we were 11 or 12 and he found out I liked him. Then he kind of blew me off. In recent years, we've made progress. He now speaks when spoken to.

I was sooooo over him on Monday. Until he showed up. At mid-winter, Mistie had told me to snap out of it. I did, and then Monday, 7 months later, he showed up. And I melted like a popsicle in July.

Now, I'm fairly intelligent. I know my chances with this guy ('s right around zero, people!). You'd think I would learn. But, I don't.


Don Ryan said...

(rolling eyes from way out on Long Island)

Theresa said...

Dear Heart, crushes are neither logical nor explainable! Just go with the fact that you like him, but he's not an option. Eventually someone will come along that will make you wonder what you saw in 9YG!

Liz said...

Just remember this - in 10 years, you will be ROFL about him. I promise.