Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unsolicited College Propoganda! (And shoes!)

I got mail from Vegas today!!! Woohoo!

See how I thriftily hid my address to protect my security? Eh? Eh?

And it's from Reno(and Gomorrah!)

And this I did solicit for....

And everyone at HOP saw it yesterday. And politely ooh'ed, aah'ed, and politely pretended to be interested. As will my medically occupated friends (read- Dawn) tonight at church.

And check out my early birthday presents!

Yes, people. That is real, live denim on those babies.

And these white shoes (which I'm not sure what I will wear with) are gorgeous.

And look at the heel. Wedges!!!


You're going to annoy me, aren't you. said...

dude. I can read your address on the second piece of mail.

The Muffin said...


The Muffin said...

All better

Theresa said...

Yay on the college mail!

Are you sure you, Liz, and Jessica are not related???? The shoes look like something both of my girls will try to talk you out of! (So, that they can wear them, of course.)