Monday, September 24, 2007

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

I had a blast yesterday. I spent the whole day with Sis.Redmond, Alison, Lori, Danielle, Hannah, Garrett...okay, this list is too long. There were people there, the end.

Anyway, I stayed after to set up the youth bulletin board and went to Wendy's. Also, Wal-Mart. Garrett and Mark disappeared into the hunting section doing God-Knows-What, Sis.Redmond went to print off pictures, and I took the younger girls, and Danielle and Lori, and we went shoe shopping.

We all had a blast. We tried on shoes and didn't attempt to buy a thing. It was great fun, however irritating to the other customers. We took the above shoe picture with our favorite shoes. Actually, Janica (wearing the red shoe) was wearing my favorite and Lori (wearing the brown sequined heel) was wearing my second favorite shoe. My foot (black sequined flat) was wearing the third favorite. Alison loved her shoes and they were so cute (grey and black heels). The ones she's holding up have no significant value except for her being goofy. And yes, Hannah and Janica (also striking poses) do have straws in their mouths. Don't ask me why.

Oh, and a brief moment to add that I am back in the Sunday School teaching saddle. I'm teaching the K-2 class with Krishana Weber, Sis.Weber, and Michael Simon. Sunday was my first day and went quite well.

Here's the thing about the class though. Tiff used to teach this class. Which can bum me out a little bit. Not much, just when I walked in there's a picture of Tiffany with the kids. I wanted to cry. So, that was a bummer in general and then Jennifer walked in and was being really quiet. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was just missing Tiffany. Great. It was just one of those things, you know?

Our Singsperation was last night, too. Great fun. Above are the "Mini-Mimes" practicing IBC's "Everybody Praises". They did great. Our Hands of Praise team did "Holy Thou Art, God" and "My All". I was feeling real shaky on "My All", but in general I think that things went pretty well.


Carolyn said...

Pretty well. That's all? In general things just went "pretty well?" Are you kidding me, they went reeeeally well, great in fact! You did a fantastic job, rocked! :-) And I still will try not to hold it against you that you're in FL and I'm not...AND you wouldn't pack me in your suitcase. Wah! ...But I still love ya! :-)

Liz said...

A shoe post I am oh so proud of!!!

John "9 1/2" Lilley said...

Shoes? I don't get it. Not a single combat or tactical boot in there. Wierd.