Monday, October 15, 2007

After a while it gets old....

I have resolved that this time I will not cry.

I will not blubber or bawl, or even sniffle, for that matter.

After about 2 guys who you really, really like end up not liking you, you get sick of it. You get sick of crying yourself to sleep whining, "Oh God, why not me? WHY NOT ME?!?!?!?"

So, my dilemma is thus. The guy I like is actually worth sobbing over. Has all the requirements on my list and all of that. He is so worth the sleepless nights of tears and gnashing of teeth.

But, once again, he doesn't feel the same way.

Not that I've asked him. Really don't feel confident in his answer to do so. And plus, that would be just plain awkward.

No, the guy doesn't have a girlfriend, either, contrary to urban legend. Just a girl that follows him around at hayrides giggling and stuff.


1 comment:

snb said...

i'm obviously no expert given my single status that reflects i know NOTHING....but guys figure out what they want much later than girls. the guy that fits your list right now probably hasn't even got a list yet, so how could he know that you were perfect for him? right now guys your age are mostly focused on things too shallow for you to want to comprehend. do not despair. let me know if you want me to beat anyone up.