Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So, I'm sitting, before school, no, let me rephrase that, before the gates open to let us even go to our lockers, which would be, in theory, before before school. So, I'm sitting there, and don't remember if I turned my phone off or not. So, I pull out the phone to turn it off, because it wasn't, and at that moment, Mr.Shuman, the vice principal comes up and says "Give it here."

So, I do. And he then proceeds to tell me that I need to call a parent to come in to have a discussion with Mr.Frye (whoever that is) about my disregard for school rules.

So, I'm already about to cry. I haven't gotten in trouble since 8th grade, and that was for something really, really, really dumb. I'm not a bad kid! Bad kids are the ones who get phones confiscated for texting during school hours. I am not that kid!

For the love of all muffiny goodness, school hadn't even started yet! I do the same thing EVERY day. I silence my phone, turn it off, put it in my bookbag until they open the gates to go to lockers and then I put my phone in my locker where it is placed in lonely solitary confinement until 2:40 PM when I go to get stuff out of my locker.

So, I go to the office and call my mom and tell her what happened and she's coming in after school to listen to what a bad kid I am. And to un-confiscate my phone. And I cried while talking to my mom on the phone. Because I don't get in trouble at school. Ever.

Today is sooo not my day.


Don Ryan said...

Mom, who is irritated with you for so many things, is not wound up about this. Rejoice!

Liz said...

It could be so much worse. You could have actually done something wrong and have a parent come to school with you for the day. Twice.

snb said...

that bites. i'm sorry. it seems like a huge injustice, but let me assure you that in the long run, it's small change. they ought to be going after the kids who are breaking some serious rules, but sometimes put their energy in all the wrong places. dummies.

The Muffin said...

You speak from experience, Lizness?

Theresa said...

Deep breath. Exhale. Relax. It's over. And you obviously are still living. It's all good. ((HUGS))

The Muffin said...

It went well. They looked at my record, said it looked good, made my mom sign something, and gave me my phone back.

It's all good.