Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Year 17

Dear Self,

This year, you're making a resolution. Don't give me that back talk. You need this. I mean it!

You are far too whiny. Get over 9YG already. You are intelligent, you attempt to funny, and while you aren't a model, you certainly aren't a 3-eyed, 12-legged, hairy beast, either. You're a good person, and if he can't see that then poop on him. I meant that as an interjection, not a verb. You know, more like POOEY on him.

Anyway, you're 17. Enjoy it. You don't need a guy to be happy. Look where moving too fast got you last time. You don't want another Mr.X, do you? Nooooo.

God will bring you someone. Maybe this year, maybe not. If he doesn't, then oh well. Be happy.

Live, laugh, and love (your friends and family, unless God brings your Probie [don't ask], then add him in)



Theresa said...

And ENJOY being 17!!! It only happens once in your life!! Luv U!!!

snb said...

aw man i should have written myself a similar message on my birthday!!!

reminding yourself how awesome you are isn't such a bad thing to do....