Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Did you ever notice how, like, the day after Christmas you feel crappy? I feel crappy today, too.

I dropped out of the musical today. I told Mrs.Bell that I just did not have the time to commit to the play and couldn't put my best effort forth. And that's not fair to her, Mr.Ward, or the other cast members. She appreciated my maturity. I still felt like poo. And cried. After I left, of course.

I had to make up a quiz in history today, too. Here's the thing. I am forcing myself to be an honest person. Because I really need a good grade on my essay test. And I have to make that up on Friday. And Mrs.Lang accidentally handed me the essay test today when she was supposed to hand me my quiz. So I saw the essay question. I know that I problem shouldn't have thought twice about telling Mr.Shriver and being honest. But I did. I seriously considered being a bad person and just using that to my advantage. But that's not right. And because I'm a good person, I still will probably get a bad grade on that essay test. Darn it.

I also have other problems, which I will not disclose here. That add to my bleh-ness.



Liz said...

way to be honest about that essay question. that's integrity, which you are full of. you are full of other stuff too, which we will not go into here :)

~Tr@cy~ said...

Haha, Liz is funny ~ hope you have a better day tomorrow Becky... Mr. Shriver is still there? He must be at least 105... he was MY history teacher and he seemed old then! Ah, good old Mt. Vernon High... those were the (blecky, nasty, horrible) days! lol =)