Thursday, October 25, 2007

A calmer post....

Ok, now that I am several hours away from the whole algebra situation, and currently waiting for book club to start, I can calm down and maybe post something a little calmer? Perhaps?

Like how this weekend is going to be quite fun. We're (referring to my family and I) going to the Redmond's tomorrow, and I am going to teach Alison how to knit. That should be quite fun. And hopefully there will be no eyes lost from the knitting needles. I don't know why I just said that. Probably having to do with me coming to school on death's door. And then on Saturday, I am just a glutton for punishment. I'm going to the corn maze, then out to eat with the youth group, and THEN Ratchol and I are going to Dawn's for Jennifer's birthday party. We have sworn to bring Pixy Stix (AKA PURE SUGAR) so that Dawn just may hate us. Or that we can actually stay up. One of the two.

On Sunday, Krishana and Sis.Weber are going to be gone, thus leaving the Sunday School in the hands of two teenagers (I'm 17, and so is Michael, the other teacher). And perhaps a helper. Dear Lord help us all. Then, that afternoon, I am going to a memorial service for Tiffany at OSU.

So, anyway. Book Club is starting at the moment, so my nerdiness beckons.

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