Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quick Update

Yeah, I know. I haven't blogged like a good girl with news and significant tidbits. I've been busy. I've had about 4 projects, an essay test, a lab practical exam, a bunch of quizzes, 2 algebra tests, and on Friday, I have my mid-term for computer programming. Does it sound like I have time to update?

Actually, I did and was just slacking, because after you live the stress. You don't really want to relive it in a blog post. Or something. Maybe I'm just lazy. That's probably it.

So, anyway, the end of the quarter is this Friday (thus, the midterm) I think I'm doing good, except for in Algebra. We won't talk about algebra on this blog.

Also, before I log off (bell just rang for lunch), I would like to ask you all to pray for my spanish teacher from last year, Senora Jones, and her family. Her son and his wife are expecting a baby in a few months and live in southern California where the wildfires have been going on. She got a call at about 3 AM yesterday saying that the house had been destroyed with everything in it. They have nothing left except for their dogs. Please remember them in prayer and ask others to pray.

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