Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Is It With Me Lately?

So, I hand my pass to go to the library to my homeroom teacher, like I do daily. I have tons of projects and will take any extra time I have to work on them at school. I hate homeroom, so it's also a good excuse to escape.

So I give Ms.Brandes the pass and she looks at me and says with a sigh, "Are you going to do this everyday?"

"Yes, ma'am. Probably."

"Do you really have that many projects? Why do you get on the computer so much?"

"I have 3 powerpoints to do in 3 classes due around the same time."

She grouches at me some more, something about, "Oh sure...of course you do..."

Dude, maybe I AM actually a bad kid! First I get my phone taken away and now a teacher thinks that I'm slacking to get out of her homeroom!

This is not my least I get to take the ASVAB and do KCH Disaster Drill tomorrow and pretty much blow off a day of school. That may help.


Don Ryan said...

Jolly Holly will, no doubt, have a cardiac incident soon and this will be yesterday's news. Good Times!

John "9 1/2" Lilley said...

Notice how all this stuff started after you left my class? See? That's what happens when you upset a ninja.

The Muffin said...

Dad, apparently she had a fit in homeroom today after watching the news and went on a tangent to all the kids saying that overeating was the cause of all of America's problems.

I heard this and laughed for oh so many reasons.

John, would you kindly stop the loop o' madness? I left to go bring joy to small children!