Monday, January 22, 2007

And after a greuling day of unnecessary school...

I am exhausted. Almost every school from here to Columbus (including the Career Center and Catholic school here) closed today and we had to go. Ech. So, as if that day couldn't be more of a bleeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh, we had to do part of the fitness exam in gym. Stairs. Ick. I did 30 in a minute and was quite proud of myself, despite my legs giving out and my heart rate going up to 176 per minute. Maybe I will lose some weight in gym class this year, though, which I will enjoy. Although, should you see me you should not tell me this unless I am a mere shadow of myself. For some reason whenever someone says "You've lost weight" I end up putting it back on. Not good times. I have ran all 3 of my laps in gym the past 2 days without stopping or walking, another accomplishment I am proud of.

On a completely different note, tomorrow the finalists of the 2007 Bloggies are being announced. Was supposed to be today, but crapweasels pushed it back. I don't think I really have a shot, but it will be nice to know. Wish me luck!

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