Monday, January 01, 2007

First Meme of the New Year

Sis. Jewel (formerly my favorite person.....j/k) has tagged me. I have to list 5 things that you don't know about me. This will be easy because you know how *ahem* shy and reserved I am.

1. From ages 8-9 1/2 I had an imaginary sister. Yes. Sister. Not friend, but sister named Samantha, after the American girl. I was a very lonely (yet spoiled, so it worked out) only child.

2. I watched Blues Clues until I was in fourth grade. No lie. I only stopped because they switched from Steve to Joe. Joe is retarded.

3. I am quite addicted to peppermint. If there is peppermint something within my reach, I will eat it. Other than my Candy Cane candle, that is.

4. I do not claim any of my extended family (past 1 great or 3 times removed) other than Mistie, my 5th cousin 29 times removed. This is because I know that we were quite possibly seperated at birth (although she is 8 years older than me) because we have about the same level of insanity.

5. I hate New Years and Valentines day. So much kissing and mushiness and EEEEWWW!!!

Well, Sis. Jewel tagged all but one person who reads my blog that i know of regularly (that has a blog), so Deana, TAG YOU'RE IT!!

If anyone else wants to join in, leave me a comment to let me know that you have accepted the tag.

1 comment:

Deana said...

OH THANKS A LOT BECKY!!! lol just kidding I suppose I should fill it out... Happy new year!!!

Love you!