Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Meet Me in St.Louis

Not to get all Judy Garland on you (*sings* Forget your troubles, come on get happy!), but I am actually coming to you live from the great city of San Louis.
After leaving at about 8:30 and driving 7 1/2 hours we arrived at the beautiful Hampton Inn, just a few doors down from the UPCI International Headquarters. We cleaned up and then Dad and I went inside of the headquarters. I was a little starstruck, I must say, being a PK and all, these guys are like rock gods to me. I mean how many places can you run into Shay Mann (the UPCI Youth Secretary) on a stairwell? After Dad gave me a tour of the building, we headed off to Gateway College of Evangelism, where my friends Heather and Stephanie, are going to college. We took them to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Even after my previous bad experience with them, they won back my trust. The service was most excellent. And to add more thrills to the evening, Stether (as Heather and Stephanie are collectively known in some circles) and I split an"Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple Cheesecake". Most fabulous. Before leaving, we took the above picture. Mom made me laugh before she snapped it, so this a rare "tooth smile" picture. You can see why I don't do it more often.


Liz said...

Except for the red eye, I don't see why you don't tooth smile more often. I like your smile.

Great template, too, btw

Theresa said...

I'm glad you went with your Dad! Give the twins a big hug for me when you see them again! Oh, and I agree with Liz, you should tooth smile more! You have a great smile!

Cherie said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound! Hope you all have a great time!

Better than a *toothless* grin, Becky! :o] (too many of those cheesecakes, and you'll wish you'd smiled a lot more) :-}

Cold, windy, and spitting snow here last night and today! (I don't think we've seen the last of "sinister snowmen"):o)

Have a grand time on your getaway!
Glad to know that Dad didn't have to stop and put you out somewhere along the way! LOL

Jewel said...

Ohhhhhh, how wonderful that you get to see the girls..."Stether"! *smile* Please tell them I said hello and that I would give them a big "Sis. Jewel" hug if I was there! ANDDDD you have a very nice "teeth" grin, Becky! You need to quit being so critical of yourself, young lady!! And as Cherie said above, it's better than having a toothless grin! Egads! LOL