Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13 #8

Due to my recent obsession, my Thursday 13 this week is-

13 Details About My Dream Wedding

  1. My Ring
  2. The Theme. I want a Black and White wedding with Red accents.
  3. The Time. Preferably in August, December is my second choice. I would like a mid-afternoon wedding. 3ish.
  4. My Bridesmaids. I don't know for sure who I will have as my bridesmaids. I have an idea but between then and now my friends will more than likely change. I do have my matron of honor picked out, which will be Mistie.
  5. My Bridesmaids Dresses. I will be a kind bride. I will allow my bridesmaids to not have hideous dresses. They will not see their dresses and say "What the muffin", (or chicken, if you are Liz),"were you thinking? I will disown you now!" No. I will pick nice dresses for them.As seen here. Kind of. Not as hideous. But same general style.
  6. My cake. Kind of reminds me of my Uncle Peter and Aunt Shana's.
  7. My Music. Some of my preferences include (I have some on a playlist on my iPod)-Mama by Il Divo, Passera by Il Divo, The Man You Love by Il Divo, We Will Dance by Steven Curtis Chapman, Pachebels Canon in D, My Everything by Barry White
  8. My Sample Program
  9. My Flowers. Roses Mostly. I like Calla Lillies too, but guess how likely those are to happen.
  10. My Reception. I want a nice sit down reception ( this is in my dreams, remember) with live music and my matron of honor and his best man to make speeches and I will cry and he will.....not cry, and it will be perfect.
  11. Leaving. Birdseed. Nobody does birdseed anymore. No bubbles for me, thank you much. Birdseed all the way.
  12. Afterwards. I will head off on a boat to the Virgin Islands.
  13. My Dress. Here are the rest of the pictures. Once again, needs a neck and the sleeves need a wee bit of work, but I am in love with it.


Liz said...

Yay! You are on the T13 blogroll! You should start keeping track now of how many kind correctional people don't appreciate the creative spelling of your title LOL :)

I will go to the ends of the earth (preferably the ends of the 48 contiguous United States) for your wedding, you can count on that. I just hope your slip doesn't fall down.

amy said...

Love dreamers like you...You will have the perfect weddingt..I am a huge Steven Curtis Chapman fan and I do not know We will must tell me about it. YOu have some really good taste. I went to a wedding in October and i think the bride wore this dress. I love the sleeve type things!

Zeus said...

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen blogroll!

What a great idea for a Thursday Thirteen list! I love how thoughtful you will be towards your bridesmaids. Believe me: They will remember your kindness. Your future gown is also beautiful.

Happy Thursday to you!

Incog & Nito said...

It will be a great wedding I'm sure. Happy T13

Theresa said...

Yes, you are a teen!!! In love with love and weddings!!! I remember those days. Happy TT! I'm up, too.

Don Ryan said...

Dad does wedding.
Bus ticket to West Virginia.

Leah said...

love the dress..and the ring too..may your dreams come true....
my T13 is up as well.

JAM said...

This reminds me of one of the few "Everybody Love Raymond" episodes where his wife was talking about how she had everything planned for years and years. When he asked, "Hey, what about me? I helped."

She looked at him like he was an idiot and waved him off and said, "Aww, you were just the last piece of the puzzle."

The real trick will be getting everything just as you wish, while making him think most of it was his idea. That's genius.