Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm...too typey for myself..too typey for myself

Yes, oh grammer/spelling wonders I am aware that (much like my title) typey is not an accepted word in society, but then again I really don't care. The strange title, bearing tribute to Right-Said-Fred, the brilliant one-hit wonder that wrote the song "I'm Too Sexy", does in fact have a point. On Wednesday, I started two new classes, Keyboarding and Word Processing and Gym (La-Dee-Flippin'-Da). I went through two agonizing days of Keyboarding before the teacher called me up to her desk.
"Have you taken a typing class before?"
"In Middle School."
"I know that many of your classmates did, too, but they haven't retained their ability."
"I have a blog and stuff like that, so I use it every day."
"Well, that makes sense then. I've looked at your GWAM (Gross Words A Minute) and accuracy and you are already to the point at which we are trying to get all of these students. That being said, I am going to reccomend that you be moved up to Word Processing and Power Point."

She handed me a pass to the guidance office and they juggled some classes around, which caused me to end up, once-again, in Cute-History-Teacher's class. Yippee! I stayed after school yesterday to catch up, and now am ahead. Woohoo!

On a completely different note, my room has been rearranged. Awesomely, I might add. I will post pictures as soon as my dad uploads them.

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you typey thing, you