Friday, February 16, 2007

ABC is a poo-poo head *Updated*

Just finished watching Grey's Anatomy from last night. If you don't like spoilers, stop here, because I must rant.

The last scene of the episode starts with just blank white, then Meredith wakes up on a surgical table (may I point out that before this she was white/blue from hypothermia and had just flat lined) and do you guys remember the bomb squad guy from last season? The one who was blown to smitherenes by the bazooka shell? Ok, so he is standing there and says "Hey" to Meredith. And she asks "Am I dead?" and so then you hear this voice from the side that says "D*** right, you are." And it's Denny. Yes, Denny. Who I loved and they killed off. And then Meredith says "Holy." and the credits roll.

Also, Izzy told George that it was a mistake that he married Callie O'Malley.

So, here is why ABC is a poop head. You do not show Meredith saying "Holy" and gorgeous Denny and bomb shell guy and then cut scene. That is crueler than the whole water shot last week. And next week is a rerun. The one where the bomb guy dies. I guess it's probably to explain him to the people who don't recognize him. So I have to wait two weeks to see how Meredith magically comes back to life. You know she will.

Well, I should probably get off now because those of you who didn't listen to my warning are probably about to come after me with flames and pitchforks.


Well, here is the horrific scene, with gorgeous Denny and hot Bomb Guy.

Also, here is Shonda Rhimes (the writer of Grey's Anatomy) blog, Grey Matter, that I read every week and what she has to say about all of it.


Liz said...

SPOILER! that's not a spoiler. That was pure gutrot evil.

And the bomb guy is hott stuff. Love his voice.

Deana said...

Hey did you have school today or were you off? I'm getting ready to go to a doctors appointment (Blah) but you can call me later today since you didnt call me yesterday..... lol no one called me yesterday.... oh well...
Well Im gonna go...
Love ya!
Call me!

~Melon~ said...

Nice site =)