Thursday, February 08, 2007

I hate Valentine's Day

I suppose that once upon a time, when the trend was to wear white tights with glittery red hearts on them, eat cupcakes, and give little cards with such characters as Star Wars, SpongeBob, and Nemo, I liked the holiday. My friend Emily and I were discussing my bitterness for the day. She doesn't get my loathing for it. She says she supposes it has a little to do with the fact that she never wants to marry or date. She asked me, "What makes you hate it so much?"

It is a common misinterpretation that I hated V Day because I am bitter. And I am. But this is not the only reason. I hate seeing the ridiculous amounts of PDA in the halls at school anyday, so why on earth would I like to see a guy give a girl some chocolate, a cute little teddy bear saying "Be Mine", and a dozen roses, and then have them block my locker by sucking each others faces off. It annoys me.
Then of course you have my bitterness. I've been dumped on V Day the only year that I did have a significant other (thank you, MX). I've had stitches the day before V Day and had to hobble to my party. And I've had friends call me with "words of encouragement". I know they mean well, but the last thing I want to hear on this day of loathing is "Don't worry. There will be someone next year." I've waited for my next year. It's never come.
And finally, I think that it is a complete waste of a holiday. How on earth did two martyrs getting slaughtered turn into a day of love?
So I suppose I will close by quoting my Aunt Julie.
"Grab your friend, share a cupcake and celebrate Friendship Day in style!!"

This is in reference to Westerville City Schools, where my cousin, Andrew, is in 4th grade, referring to Valentines Day as "Friendship Day" this year.


Anonymous said...

I tell you what, how about you and I grab a chick flick, some ice cream, and we'll celebrate V Day the right way. We're both single, so might as well make the most of it! Love ya girl!

Miss Logan

Rebecca said...

Well, since V Day is on a Wednesday, and I have school on Thursday, we would have to postpone that to at least the weekend, but I like that idea. ICE CREAM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, sounds good to me! I think it'd be great if we could get together next weekend, which would work great since it'd be the V Day weekend, and something else. *sobs* Anyway, I've got a children's revival this weekend with the Rolands, so hopefully we can catch each other soon. Love ya!

Miss Logan