Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday 13 #11

And to conclude this day of utter crappiness....

A 13 Part Valentines Day Rant By Me
  1. So, here's my beef with Valentine's Day, any holiday whose mascot is a fat naked man flying around shooting arrows at random people has GOT to be messed up.
  2. Plus, if you are single you feel like an utter freak. (Unless, like my mother, you didn't care about what guys thought about you when you were a teen. Good for you. I don't have that talent.)
  3. And when you feel like an utter freak, no amount of reassurance that you are a strong, confident, intelligent woman and that someday a wonderful man who looks stunningly like Topher Grace is going to sweep you off of your feet with a dozen roses and ask you to bear his children (after marriage of course) is going to make you feel better.
  4. Of course, along with those who fantasize about the above mentioned Topher-look-alike on your behalf, like to encourage you that this said man will be around next year.
  5. Yeah right.
  6. And how exactly did the massacre of two Martyrs named Valentine somehow translate into an "Oh Baby I love you" holiday?
  7. I know when I see two mangled men dying in anguish I think "Gee whiz! This would be a great time to give that special someone a tennis bracelet/chocolates/card/dozen roses/ (insert romantic gift here)
  8. Also, didn't all of you lovebirds just get a holiday to schmooze on New Years Eve at midnight?
  9. And with Valentines Day, why on earth is Sweetest's Day around? Is it to torment us (unhappy) singles?
  10. I think I would like it in Korea, honestly. On April 14th, if you recieve nothing for Valentine's Day, you go to this huge party with other singles and eat Jajangmyun, which is noodles in black sauce. The holiday is called Black Day.
  11. Why don't we have a single's day in the USA?
  12. Did I mention I was dumped on Valentine's day once? (The crapweasel!)
  13. Above all, my brother (who was too cute for me to get upset) asked me today "Why aren't you married? When are you getting married? Are there any boys who will marry you?" Unfortunately, haven't found one where the interest is mutual, even if I was eligible.

P.S. If I get one comment with the words "You are only 16" I will hurt someone!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, dear Becky. "You are only 16", lol. Sorry, just had to. Anyway, I wouldn't let you being single worry you. Michael is only like six, and I wouldn't let it bother you. There is a man out there for you, and just like me, we haven't found him yet. Just be yourself, don't rush, and let God be the one who leads you to the man of your dreams. If it takes till your thirty, just enjoy life, and forget about the weasel!

You know me, and I've always been the "who cares about having a boyfriend" type. That'll probably never change, I mean, look at me! Oh well, I'm coming off my soap box. Until next time, love ya.

Miss Logan

whenn said...

Lol! I used to feel exactly like you. Things change more sooner than you think! Happy TT!

Theresa said...

Live your life and let go of the bitterness. Remember your math--One is a WHOLE number!!

Jewel said...

Well, you've limited any comments I might have made, quite a bit!! I don't want to be physcially assaulted. Soooooo, just let me say.....uhhhh....errrr.....ummmm......I hope you are enjoying your days off from school!!!! ((HUGS)) I love you, Becky!!! And I do enjoy the way you articulate things! I really do!!! You have a gift for alliteration!!

Groovy Lady said...

LOL.. personally I loved your whole rant. But then I dig sarcastic wit.. and you have it in spades.

Well done on your list! I'm a new TT and added my first edition today.

Amy H said...

Don't hurt someone please. :)

It's true though. I was 16, in a rush to be "in love" and now I wish I wouldn't have been. I didn't meet "the one" until I was 28. He was worth every moment of waiting and I wish I wouldn't have wasted time occupying myself with "crapweasels" as you so lovingly say.

Take care and enjoy being 16!

Lady G~ said...

Just thought I'd share that I met my Prince Charming in 10th grade. But didn't realize it until after we graduated. I do believe in Happily Ever After.

Valentine's Day is not just for couples. It's for friends too. Friends that are there for each other no matter what.

My children are 19,18 17, 13 & 10. On Valentine's Day I give them gifts too. They all look forward to this holiday too. They know without a doubt that they are loved.

Looks to me like you are too. From all the other comments you have throughout your blog. :o)

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

#1 had me laughing. Hang in there!

Mercy's Maid said...

I love #13. I think a lot of people say that kind of thing and don't even think how annoying/hurtful it could be. I get comments at least a few times a week about when I'm planning to get married. One person even said, "You're cute. I don't know why you're not married." Like that's the only prerequisite to get married or like there must be something else TERRIBLY wrong with me if I'm not married. :)

Sanni said...

I love #1 and #13 =)
Could be my MOM asking me...


Crapweasel...I have never heard that one before....I will have to appropriate it for my more frustrated moments.

Misslionheart said...

Loved reading that! My TT are my favourite songs. I hope you know a couple of them.

I'll be back...

YellowRose said...

A guy who dumps a girl on Valentines deserves a swift kick in the @&#*(!!!! That's just so wrong!!

Di said...

You must go to this will love it! I am 44, married for 15 years and my husband and I both think V-day is BS. We never celebrate it.