Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stole it from Liz!

First letter of name Scattegories! WOOHOO!

1. Famous Athlete: Ron Tuggnut
2. 4-letter word: Room
3. Street name: Roosevelt Ave (NYC)
4. Color: Red
5. Gifts/present: Rectal Thermometer (Hey, it worked on Madagascar!)
6. Vehicle: Retractable hardtop
7. Tropical Location: Rio
8. College Major:Religous Studies
9. Dairy Product: Rotten Milk (AKA- Yogurt)
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Ribbons?
11. Boy Name: Ryan
12. Girl Name: Rena
13. Movie Title: Return to Me
14. Alcohol: Rum
15. Occupation: Retiree
16. Flower: Rose
17. Celebrity: Ricky Martin
18. Magazine: Real Estate Monthly
19. U.S. City: Rockville, Maryland
20. Pro Sports Team: Ravens (Baltimore)
21. Something Found in a Kitchen: Rum
22. Reason for Being Late: Really annoying child made me drop them off at band practice and then I spilled coffee on my pants
23. Something You Throw Away: Really annoying child that made you drop them off
24. Things You Shout: Roohoo! (if you are Scooby Doo, that is0
25. Cartoon Character: Roadrunner

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Liz said...

Rum in your kitchen? hmmm...