Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh, The Drama

I am, as they say at school much less cleaned up than I can write here, a theater lady-of-the-evening.

What this means is- dahling, I live for the thee-uh-tuh.

And I do.

I absolutely love all things Broadway. Musical. Drama. In the words of the king, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So, this weekend, my Dad took me to see "Chita Rivera, A Dancer's Life". It was pretty good, but not my favorite. It was pretty much this woman, quite humorously, describing her life. I don't so much go for that. I'm more of a deep plot, love triangle (or if you're talking about Mamma Mia!, it's a love quadrilateral). Which is why I watch Grey's Anatomy. It has those attributes in spades.

I am ridiculously bored at the moment. I don't want to go to bed, because I have no school tomorrow, and what a waste it would be to not take advantage of this oppurtunity. So, as I type this, the first few bars of the beginning of Titanic are humming along. Watching the Academy Awards at Damon's with Leo and Kate made me feel a great urge to watch some giant sinking boat action.

Speaking of Leo, he looks sooooooo much better now. I was discussing this with Brittany and Lindsay Wilson when we were watching the Oscars. He was gorgeous in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, but the Giselle years were just not good for him. Thank goodness for the new 20-something girl he's dating. HE'S NOT ICKY ANYMORE!!! *does happy dance that looks shockingly like Kevin Bacon in Footloose*

I'm probably going to only get to watch about half of this movie, though, as Dad told me I had to go to bed by 2. So I must needs fast forward past the crazy scientest dude. And stop blogging.

P.S. Thursday Thirteen is back, under new management. I am PSYCHED!!

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Cherie said...

LOL...I'd give anything to see that "Kevin Bacon" dance! :o) You can pretty much put any man in a tux (or a well-tailored suit) and get a whole new look! :o)
You full of infatuation thing you!