Monday, February 26, 2007

Day At Cleveland

Today was parent-teacher conference day at the high school, so I didn't have school. Until about 1, I did the usual day off stuff. I slept in till 8:30. I vegged. I vegged some more.

Then at around 1ish, Dad had an appointment in Lorain, so the whole family went with him. I had the option of either tagging along or getting the house to myself. In a moment of insanity I decided to tag along.

I've been stuffed up for the past couple days and when it comes to car rides, I'm borderline narcoleptic. This is embarrassing, but my mom ended up waking me up because I was snoring. This was not fun, because I couldn't go back to sleep, my mom was in control of my iPod because there was nothing good on the radio, and my brother and sister deemed this an appropriate time to jump on me. Not good times.

Luckily, there were good times to follow. We ended up going to Tower City Center in Cleveland, which was a blast. We got there and got a snack of Auntie Anne's Pretzel's. I had never been there before and I got the Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzel. Oh-Ehm-Gee. So yummy. Then we decided to browse. My mom, sister, and I went in to PayLess. My mom has developed a love for wedge heels. I found a really cute bag and flip flops to match it. That store may reduce me to flipping burgers at Mickey D's. Which I said I would never do, just out of principle.

By the time we got out of there, my brother and dad were missing. We wandered into Go! Games and Christmas Corner which are combined at the mall. This quickly became my favorite store ever. 2 whole bookshelves devoted to Wizard of Oz stuff. It was heaven. I ended up getting a Wicked Witch snowglobe, which was usually $30, for $15. It was on the clearance shelf for 50% off, and we couldn't figure out why. Dad then figured out that the little flying monkey on the top had its head knocked off and asked me if I wanted to revert back to the Glinda Christmas Tree Topper. I said no because, after all, I hadn't noticed the little monkey until now, and I liked the Witch more anyway. When we left I called my grandma and asked her the one question nobody has probably ever been asked in their life.

"Can you mold a very small flying monkey's head?"

She assured me that she probably could, if she had a picture to go from.

For dinner we went to Hard Rock Cafe, always a favorite. It was a great ending to the evening.

P.S. New Music on the blog. You likey? I'm a sucker for Edwin McCain. Especially this song. *sigh*


Liz said...

Grandmas can do anything

Angie Little said...

Hey, AMEN TO BEING A SUCKER FOR EDWIN McCAIN! Ran across your blog and had to say, "Hi!" Have you heard the awesome song on Edwin's "Scream and Whisper" CD titled, "COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE?" In my opinion, it's much better than, "I Could Not Ask For More," although I LOVE that song too.

Anyway, stop by my website some time and click on the message board. We are a very small group, but we have a great time... give away lots of cool official Edwin merch. Edwin starts back on the road for a new tour in a few weeks.

Have an Edwin Day,


Angie Little said...

Sorry... here is the website:


Cherie said...

Ya know, I *thought* I might have a monkey head for you from a broken snowglobe - have a few OZ things that I've collected myself, but guess I threw it away. :-/ (who would have ever thought that someday, someone, somewhere might need a monkey head? LOL)