Monday, February 12, 2007

Madame Vice Presidente- A short play

Scene: Mrs.Melick's Classroom after school. Rebecca and Alyssa are waiting for Mrs. Melick to return from Bus Duty and looking at the FCCLA Council Roster. They notice something amiss with the section labeled "Vice President".

Alyssa: Hey, why is Paige's name scratched off of the VP section?

Rebecca: I don't know. Here comes Mrs. Melick. Let's ask her.

Alyssa: Mrs.Melick, we notice something is dreadfully wrong with the roster. Why is dear Paige's name crossed out in the bleakest black Sharpie registered trademark or some other by product permanent marker?

Mrs.Melick: Dear students, it distresses me to say that Paige was slacking and not showing up and so I relieved her of duties.

Rebecca: Awww. What a shame. Whoever will take her place?

Mrs.Melick: Actually, Rebecca, because you have basically been filling the position without the title, I was planning on asking you to fill in.

Rebecca: Gee golly whiz! I must take time and think about this!


Act 2

Scene: 5 seconds later.

Rebecca: Ok. I will acquiesce to this request.

Mrs.Melick: Ok. That works.

Narrator: And there was much rejoicing.


*Note: This play is based on a true account. Some phrases have been changed to better suit the purposes. Nevertheless, Rebecca really was made VP because her predecessor was a slacker. And has been asked to run next year for office. Her life is good at the moment. Despite impending Valentine's Day. Which she believes stinks like moldy Limburger cheese.


Almost forgot the anti-valentine for today...

I am lying, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time. I might as well embrace the singleness. It's not like it's ending any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Miss Logan. Call me sometime would ya? I think I'm going to REALLY need you this weekend. There are times I am doing better, but most of the time I'm beginning to feel worse. The closer the date comes, the worse I get. Anyway, love ya.