Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Useless Rambling

I absolutely love that picture. Back when CSG and I were friends (Oh, don't get me started on that) he showed me that picture. I fell out of my chair. And since I am going on about useless nothings today it seemed appropriate.

Plus, how can a pancake-headed bunny not make you feel better about yourself? This is what I'm saying.

So, I'm sitting here in my near-death office chair, a hand-me-down from Dad, which has seen the Blossoms jump in it one too many times, wondering, "What to blog? What to blog?", knowing full well that I have nothing to say, but because I have an unhealthy addiction to blogging I can't not blog. So I guess I am just pouring out utter nothings from my brain like Blue Kool-Aid that a 2-year-old has just drank out of.

You know there is substance somewhere, but not sure where, how much, and if it's going to choke you or make you vomit. Much like my poo post.

So, let us press on.

I suppose I could make this a ranting post. Yes, I think I will. I have 2 good ones. One that I have not yet addressed, although it happened about a week ago.

Most recent- Group projects.

They annoy me.

Today in Bio, we were doing a lab studying the variation of legumes (peanuts, to be precise) and my group members told me "Rebecca, you have the best grades and you like schoolwork, so why don't you do the paperwork?"

*cleans out ears*

Ex-squeeze me? I like doing schoolwork? What?

So, I end up doing it, not wanting to cave to them, but also not wanting my grade to suffer because of them. So, when I don't get the 3-person paperwork done by the end of the alotted time, my teacher rips my groups head off. And the group gives me *the look*. Which ticked me off. Can you honestly blame me?

So afterwards I went up to her desk and explained that I was doing the whole groups work on my own. She told me I could turn it in after lunch. Yippee.

Group work is such a waste of time. Whoever thought of it needs to burn in the bad place. I have very bad experiences with group work. In cute-history-teacher's class, I got a 33/35 on my personal portion of the Rise of Authoritarian Government project. My group grade was 25/40. Because they didn't turn in the other pieces. Which I offered to turn in. Argh. I was mad.

So, why do they make us do it? It plummets GPA's!

I have another rant, but at the moment, I don't have time for it. I have to set the table, so later I will rant away.


Anonymous said...

Hey, he left today at 4:00! I've been doing pretty good, but I've come close to crying a couple times. Just say a prayer for me whenever you think about me. Thanks girl.

Love ya,
Miss Logan

Theresa said...

Not all group work is evil, Becky!! If it weren't for a college professor who insisted on group work, Ross and I would probably not be together today!!! I think Mr. Johnson was inspired by God to use group work!!

JAM said...

It'll still happen in college too; though I hate to say that to you.

I had an electical engineering lab that had to be done in groups, the group of five I was in had only me and a girl named Lisa who cared about our work. We quickly figured this out, and gave the others our email addresses to send us their portions of the data/results, and Lisa and I took alternate weeks doing the rough draft and the other touching it up and printing it to turn in. The whole group each made an A in the class, though only two of us did the work. That's just the way it is at times.

It is harder when you have to try to carry everyone in your group by yourself, and in only one class period. Good luck.