Friday, February 23, 2007


Ellis Grey died.

Yup, Meredith's mom. Died. Right after McDreamy chewed her out.

That's just not right, you know, chewing out someone with arythmias. Not right.

Also, Meredith saw the nurse who died of cancer the first season and Bonnie, the girl who got the pole stuck through her.

It was a good episode. A tearjerker, though. I cried.

Especially at the end where, well I have to explain this first. All the dead patients are in this heaven form of the hospital sort of. So Denny says every once in a while, he'll be in the exact same place as Izzy and he'll almost hear her voice. So at the very end, Izzy is walking out of the hospital and stops, and she and Denny are right next to each other, and they just stand there for a minute. I bawled like a baby.

So, anyway, if at the "previously on Grey's Anatomy" clips at the beginning of the show make you say, "What the crap?", then that has gotta be a good episode. So if you don't remember those people I talked about, that will cover it for you. I was psyched when Bonnie came back. The one where she died was depressing.

So, I'm not giving away the rest of the stuff. I've said enough to completely spoil it. My work here is done.


Anonymous said...

Hey, gimme a call once you get home from school, gotta question for ya. TTFN!

Miss Logan

Jewel said...

You are possessed. The end. *grin*
Oh and who the heck is Miss Logan, pray tell?

Cherie said...

I blubbered right along with ya! :o)

Yep, that moment in time and space when Denny and Izzy felt the presence of each other...Awesome episode!!!