Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 13 #12

This one is interactive, you guys! I will put the answers in the comments.
* I have just been informed that after this week, Thursday 13 will be discontinued. This is sad. My ratings will plummet. Visitors, I will miss your visits to my blog every week. Please come back and read my blog sometime.

*If anyone gets #1 right, please tell me. I have this on EC as well, and that one has them stumped. So does #5.
Name the one who said each quote, then let me know how you did.
Thirteen Catch Phrases/Quotes With the Person from a TV/Movie
  1. Catch Phrase- Yes yes.
  2. Catch Phrase-Sit on it.
  3. Quote-Never let go.
  4. Quote- F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium...bombs. N is for no survivors, WHEN YOU....
  5. Quote-Not so much.
  6. Quote- I don't wanna be a pirate!
  7. Quote- I'm the holiday armadillo!
  8. Catch Phrase- Oh my nose!
  9. Catch Phrase- No soup for you!
  10. Catch Phrase- How YOU doin'?
  11. Catch Phrase-Won't someone please think of the children?
  12. Catch Phrase- NORTON!
  13. Catch Phrase-You eeeediot!


Rebecca said...

1. Eric Forman- That 70's Show
2. The Fonz- Happy Days
3. Jack Dawson- Titanic
4.Plankton- Spongebob Squarepants
5. Paul Buchman- Mad About You
6. Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld
7. Ross Geller- Friends
8. Marcia Brady- The Brady Bunch
9. The Soup Nazi- Seinfeld
10. Joey Tribianni- Friends
11. Helen Lovejoy- The Simpsons
12. Ralph Kramden- The Honeymooners
13. Ren- Ren and Stimpy

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I got The Fonz (#2), Marcia Brady (#8) and Ren (#13). What can I say? I'm not a big TV watcher, although now that my Thursdays are opening up, I might turn into one!

Happy Final TT. Hope you'll visit me every now and then; I shall do the same.

Raggedy said...

I don't watch ANY tele so I am at a loss but I enjoyed your post.
Thursday Thirteen has come to an end!
I have enjoyed my visits and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Tink said...

I had 2-3-7-10, but no clue about the others!
My last :-( TT shows 13 pics of me.

Christie said...

ooh i only got like 5 of them. yikes!! happy tt anyway! it stinks that it's over!!!! wah!

Melessa said...

I got eight of them.

Anonymous said...

Argh, I only got two! Not so hot, huh? Fun quiz, though! :)

Happy Final TT to you! Mine's up: 13 Random Thoughts About Today.

Jess said...

What a fun list! I had most of them.

I can't believe I couldn't figure out the last one! I used to love Ren and Stimpy. : )

Hoyeya said...

I loved Ren and Stimpy!

Wylie Kinson said...

Man, I thought I was up on my pop culture but I totally blew! I only got 5 of them.
GREAT ending to TT!!

Retta said...

Wow, I was way off on a few there. Nifty thirteen!

I hope that it doesn't go away. I contacted Leanne and I'm determined to rescue the thirteen if I can!

jenny said...

i only get #10,LoL!

yah, it sucks that it has to end =(

Carmen said...

i see happy days in there, ren and stimpy, friends, brady bunch, and seinfeld. :)

Jewel said...

I GOT #3!!! Does that surprise us, Becky??? I think not! LOL We don't watch the same genre of movies, except for Titanic, so I didn't get any of the others, BUT I did get #3!! I'm going to miss TT!!! :-( We'll have to find something else to do, so get to thinking everyone!!

Shiloh Walker said...

i don't watch enough tv to help... unless it's law and order or charmed...

:( I'm gonna miss TT too.

Amy Ruttan said...

I did hear of Yes, Yes but it took my brain a second to realize it was indeed Eric Foreman.

I'm going to miss TT, as well. So sad.

Thanks for dropping by mine.

Sparky Duck said...

#7 is one of my favorite Christmas episodes ever!

Dane Bramage said...

I got Spongebob Squarepants and Ren and Stimpy but I never watched That 70's Show or Friends or Mad About You or Seinfeld. Heck I didn't even watch Happy Days until syndication.

As for the last T13 I go out with a nice round number. My Thursday 13 #30 is up. It is ironically 13 Thursday Thirteen Logos I made and used during the last 30 weeks. Stop by if you get a chance.

JAM said...

I'm old. I could only get The Fonz, Marcia Brady, The Soup Nazi, and Ralph Kramden.

I like the new name, but then, I really liked About Absolutely Nothing as well. Are you one of those people who like to move the furniture around "just because?" Sometimes people just like a change I guess.

Theresa said...

I didn't get any of them, but I tried!!! I should at least get a half of a star for that.

Buttercup said...

No. 10 is Joey from Friends. ?

Cheryl said...

The only one I knew was Ren and Stimpy! There's no mistaking that one!