Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Topher Grace and a Good Blog

I'm enjoying myself. I am absorbing myself into season 2 of That 70's Show. Nothing like Topher Grace to get your mind off of singleness. Mmmmmmmmmmm....Topher Grace.....*snaps out of it* What?
Anyway, I was looking through my comments that I got today and I found a great blog. This girl who calls herself solely "The Thinker" posted a comment and I checked out her blog, not expecting much, just wierd ramblings of another stupid random commentor. Her blog blew me away. She reminds me of myself, honestly, only a LOT more articulate and talented. She's 16, addicted to her iPod and blogging, and she had a post about Valentines Day. A positive one. Now, with my bitterness, I am probably going to "boo-hiss" all of the positive whatevers that come my way on Valentine's Day, but this post was amazing. You should definately check it out.
I will most definately have a snarky post later ( I already have it made up) but for now I must watch some more 70's.

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